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Based in Shenzhen, Serving the World

Based in Shenzhen
Serving the World

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Based in Shenzhen Serving the World

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56Tech’s successful experience includes companies from all over the world. We provide software application development services across multiple industries and multiple technology platforms. From brainstorming to product launch, from daily maintenance to iterative upgrades, from iOS to Android to web application software, from start-up dreams to Fortune 500 companies, your technological dream is our ultimate mission!

Capture the Timing

Your idea is unique, however, you may miss a good opportunity if you can’t bring it to the market as soon as possible. Using incremental application development steps, we will help you release products and seize the opportunity quickly.

Communication Details Determine Success or Failure

Our experienced development team will directly communicate with you in depth, conscientiously run your great idea, deep understanding of the business model, usage scenarios and habits of potential users throughout the entire project development process.


R&D and Growth

We are not only a software application development company, 56Tech also a fast-growing machine. We will accompany you on the road to success, solve any technical challenges for you, and fully assist in the promotion of your application creativity.

Proven Innovation

We are the only software application developer in China who can truly claim innovation. Many of our research and development projects can prove this point. We have created start-up projects with an initial valuation of more than RMB 200,000,000, and we have obtained innovation patents at home and abroad.


Customers love 56Tech


From the beginning of cooperation in 2016 to the present, the system developed by 56tech has helped us successfully bring offline business to online, and joined a new Internet model, successfully achieved business upgrades, I am very fortunate to have encountered 56tech from the beginning.





When we first verified the business model, we found 56tech to conduct research and development, which provided us with great help in getting started. After that, we began to form our own technical team, 56tech also gave us a lot of support, and also worked with us to develop iterative upgrades. We truely appreciate that 56tech has provided assistance to us from the beginning.


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