Selected Cases



Sodexo is one of the world’s largest multinational companies engaged in catering services and integrated logistics management and is listed on the global top 500 corporate directory.

Highlights and functions of this APP:

  1. No need to worry about finding a place to eat, intelligent navigation, find a suitable place to eat nearby quickly.
  1. Through the map display method, you can easily find out which restaurants are nearby.
  1. Place an order immediatelyand enjoy a new way of dining.

Lexing Camp

Lexing Camp is China’s leading summer camp platform. It mainly provides global search for summer camp activities for 6 to 17-year-old young families. 56tech creates all platform solutions for Lexing Camp, including WeChat official account, Website, H5 page, backstage System and other full platform development and long-term strategic cooperation. The whole package includes activities management, camp search, registration, live room, camper report, multi-city system and other sections.


Game entertainment platform

  • This self-developed integrated entertainment platform includes appearance design, circuit design, system software development, and service backstage build.

  • The game entertainment platform is based on the integration of the cloud. It is composed of a game system and effect lighting design to form a multi-functional intelligent game entertainment table, with intelligent sensor function, independent calculation of scores, automatic wine, LED intelligent lighting technology, high-definition display, and special effects audio, etc. Emerging bar entertainment equipment combining multiple elements.

  • Cooperate with the software APP to scan the code to enter the team, electronic automatic scoring, scoring ranking, game record, display game special effects and other functions.

Featured Project



Bikewse APP is used as a supporting tool for the electric bicycle meter. Through the Bluetooth communication of the APP, the meter and the server synchronous remote communication, you can view and manage the user's riding record data, and manage the status of the bicycle, locate the anti-theft function, 56tech upgrades and boosters an ordinary bicycle to an intelligent smart bicycle with Internet interactive functions.


Qiao Mo Jia

Qiao Mo Jia is a high-luxury clothing e-commerce company. 56tech is committed to customizing high-luxury clothing & social e-commerce solutions, building a distribution & B2C e-commerce mall, an integrated transaction platform, developing distribution functions, and attracting distributors. Level distribution, one-click sharing on the social platform, to achieve rapid communication, to match various needs of users and to convert efficiently.


Monitoring & Management Platform

The monitoring point management system is an asset management platform used by government departments. It is mainly a monitoring and maintenance platform for cameras, optical machines, and smart boxes. The maintenance team can view work orders through this APP, take photos to sign in, fill in work orders and report records. To complete the maintenance company of the equipment, the superior department can view all the statistical data and detailed reports through the APP, allowing the manager to grasp the overall situation immediately.


English Pass

English Pass is a platform improving academic and English proficiency in the medical field, providing users with rich and high-quality learning information and communities. 56tech has developed learning, testing and examination tools, and donation channels for its functional development, assisting to continuously improve a group of scholars who specialize in organ donation.


Cook Dog

Cook Dog APP is committed to providing users with a smarter, high-quality kitchen life and returning cooking to its essence & reality. The APP provides many gourmet recipes. The user can click on the cooking button to intelligently control the cooking time and the heat level through the local area network according to the recipe. Automatic cooking can be achieved in a few simple steps, and everyone can possibly become a cooking master in a second.


Law Chain

Law chain is an online training blockchain course platform, gathering blockchain course training, blockchain technical information, providing freshmen to participate in the roundtable discussion and sharing of veteran blockchain knowledge, through the WeChat online booking system and courses Development of functional modules such as live broadcast, video, conference, books, information, etc., to create an integrated network teaching platform.


Musical Instrument Era

Musical Instrument Era is a publishing and trading platform that integrates musical instrument trading, training, maintenance, and recruitment information. Users can publish personal status and transaction products in text, pictures, videos, etc. on the App. You can view various types of information in the information column. For musical instruments related information, the musical instrument era will also be a social platform where users can comment on, ‘like’ each other and upload personal practice notes anytime and anywhere to record musicians’ experiences.


Insect Two Social Networking

Insect two social networking is a social platform that provides date for people in the same city. The Insect two social networking program is built by youths, “IT guys”, and cute uncles. It initiates online meal appointments then meets and eats offline. It is committed to creating a world with "food, love and friends".


Harmony Ranch

Harmony Ranch is a mini program for online cattle raising in the whole industry. It provides customers with virtual cattle raising scenes and on-site experience. 56tech provides Internet & animal husbandry solutions, customizes a comprehensive community B2C e-commerce system, develops live broadcast and independent functional modules such as adoption, ranch joint breeding, group adoption and other functional modules create a full industrial chain of Australian cattle and allow products to be traced to the platform.