Offline business online, you need to do these 4 steps

Online, networking, and intelligence are the three innovation directions for business models in the next 30 years. Especially for enterprises, if you want to be smart enough, you must consider online, and then it will be further extended to be smart. However this first step will make many companies face at a loss.

To be more reasonable online, I believe that these steps need to be achieved: business processes, data standardization, clarification of rights and responsibilities, and efficient operations

Business Process

Many people have a misunderstanding, that is, when it comes to online, they first think about how many servers to purchase and how many developers to recruit, and then start directly. In fact, no matter whether it is online or not, the company must first make it clear whether your business has a clear process, that is, to complete a task, there are a total of several steps, what is the output of each step, and how to respond to the results, etc. Wait. Taking the above property purchase as an example, the administrator must first explain to everyone:

  1. Several days a week to collect requirements;
  2. What are the scope of goods available for purchase;
  3. When to buy;
  4. When and where to issue;
  5. How to reconcile and clear accounts.

In each link, a notification mechanism should be designed, such as the upcoming expiration date, the successful purchase, the notification of the pick-up, the notification of the collection, the notification of the refund, and so on. Not only that, but also a series of processing procedures for special circumstances, such as missing orders due to residents’ overdue feedback; some residents are dissatisfied with the purchased brand and product quality and must return the order; some residents fail to pick up the goods in time and cause damage to the goods Also ask for non-payment and so on. All these possible scenarios are listed, documented and publicized, so that things can be traced

Data Standardization

Collecting information through WeChat groups, the biggest problem is that everyone is chattering and unorganized. If your process is perfect, the next step is to let the process carry well-formed information. The simple way can be to send an EXCEL for everyone to fill in, or to solve the problem in the group. For more complicated points, you can use the Tencent questionnaire. What needs attention in this link is standardization and fault tolerance.

The first is standardization

Buy potatoes on the basis of “piece” or on the “bag”, buy onions on the basis of “root” or “bundle”, buy rice on the basis of “bag” or “gram”, and whether the mask is N95 or K95. These are called SKUs in the field of e-commerce. , Uniform standards will also avoid subsequent disputes to a certain extent.

But standardization is usually the most difficult to transfer from offline to online. Many scenes are difficult to do. Maybe you go to the downstairs store to buy a popsicle, and go directly to the freezer to get the top one. You won’t remember what brand and taste; you also buy strawberries. , The difference between milk and confidantes is estimated to be no one cares, but to make it online, it is necessary to clarify these, which will increase the cost of understanding for everyone.

Therefore, if you want to be online, you must educate the market and educate users on the one hand, and on the other hand, you must use other means to fill in the understanding of this level, such as video, live broadcast, and even future VR

The second is fault tolerance

That is to say, we must adopt certain methods to avoid junk data, such as input data format verification, abnormal error reporting, over-limit alarm, automatic correction, etc., try to use rules to ensure that the data is correct, and also find ways to help users enter quickly, such as scanning barcodes and auto-filling and many more

Clarification of Powers and Responsibilities

Once the process is in place, the data is entered, and then people are still required to participate to advance the process.

Where there are people, there are rivers and lakes, and the rivers and lakes must have the rules of the rivers and lakes. Who is responsible for the money, who is responsible for purchasing, who is responsible for sorting, who is responsible for distributing, and who is responsible for handling abnormal situations must be assigned in place. Some positions are the same online and offline, and some people are responsible for handling online affairs, such as customer service and channel promotion. But in any case, let everyone encounter problems in the online process, encounter key nodes, and find people.

A key issue at this level is to solve the contact problem of the person in charge, which is why everyone is willing to communicate on the WeChat group and Want Want. Nevertheless, the ultimate goal of onlineization is to “dehumanize”, which will bring up the following topics

Efficient Operation

In addition to avoiding contact, eliminating distance, and transparency of information, the reason for onlineization is to improve offline execution efficiency is the most critical. Imagine that if you scan a code to complete the form filling, you can complete order confirmation, financial reconciliation with one click, and can also help you automatically notify merchants, logistics and customers of these news, which is far more than the workload of a few people, so why not Start it as soon as possible.

In fact, this field is where product technology exerts value. After the above three “transformations” are completed, which processes can be merged, which data can be automatically calculated, which nodes meet which conditions and who should be notified to whom can be processed automatically. But usually this aspect is not the strength of the traditional industry. It needs the power of the Internet, which is also the future trend.

Of course, it’s not to say that if you do the above 4 items correctly, there will be no problem with onlineization. These are just some of my modeling thinking. The real to B business is far more complicated than this. Every step requires deep digging into various scenarios. There are endless problems, but this is also an interesting aspect of the transformation of traditional industries, which is worthy of in-depth study

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