What are the most effective ways to promote online?

Companies want to seek development, you must find your own promotion channels and methods, but not all online promotion methods are suitable for them. Different industries and products have different ways of natural online promotion.

Even though online promotion is ever-changing, it never leaves its origins. The purpose of network promotion is to promote corporate culture and products, effectively enhance brand awareness and influence, and gain more people’s likes and attention, thereby increasing corporate profits

What are the most effective ways to promote online?

1. Website SEO optimization

Many companies now have their own official website, but the website is not ranked in search engines, which means that the real function of the website is lost. Therefore, we need to optimize the website for SEO, improve the ranking of the website and keywords, and seize the search engine homepage. Location, when users search for related keywords, they can see and find us, thereby increasing product sales.

2. SEM bidding promotion

SEM bidding promotion is a paid advertising promotion method. It is deducted according to clicks. It is also a popular promotion method used by many companies, especially in industries such as finance, medical treatment, investment promotion, education, home improvement, and games. The competition is very fierce. SEM bidding promotion can not only quickly increase product brand awareness, but also accurately acquire potential target customers. However, the cost of acquiring customers is relatively high, and the technical requirements for operators are relatively high, which is generally unaffordable for small businesses.

3. Self-media promotion

With the popularity of self-media platforms in recent years, self-media promotion is also a good way of promotion. Self-media advertisment promotion can not only increase popularity, but also bring some potential customers. However, the requirements for advertisment content are relatively high. The higher the quality of the content, the better the experience, and the greater the traffic. For example, We-media platforms such as Official Account, Baijia Account, Sohu Account, and Penguin account have relatively high weights and rank relatively high.

4. Short video promotion

Some people may think that short video promotion is outdated, but it is still one of the hotter promotion methods in 2021. The short video platform has a fast spreading speed, strong interaction and high user stickiness, but if you want to do it now, it is not like It was so easy at first. Moreover, major short video platforms are paying more and more attention to user experience, and their requirements for content are getting higher and higher. Only high-quality content will gain exposure and traffic, and the cost of acquiring customers in the early stage is also relatively high. Such as Douyin short video, Kuaishou short video, Xiaohongshu short video, watermelon video, volcano video, good-looking video and so on.

5. Q&A platform promotion

Question and answer platform promotion has been ignored by many people, but I want to tell that question and answer platform promotion can greatly increase users’ desire to buy, and it can also be said to promote user conversion. Especially when users purchase some high-cost products, they will often first understand the reputation, strength, after-sales service, etc. of the target audience before choosing to buy them with confidence. Therefore, we can build our own praise on such platforms as Baidu Zhizhi, Baidu Tieba, Zhihu, Sogou Q&A, 360 Q&A, etc., and establish a positive image of the company.

6. Social marketing promotion

Social marketing promotion is also one of the mainstream promotion methods in 2021. Many companies will conduct social marketing and promotion while conducting marketing and promotion through other channels. For example, QQ and WeChat are currently doing social marketing promotion channels. . The fission advantage of social marketing promotion is very big, user trust is high, traffic is more accurate, but the cost of acquiring customers in the early stage is high, and the biggest problem is how to obtain traffic and how to realize smartly, otherwise all the hard work is in vain


In fact, there are many ways of online promotion, many of which have been eliminated, of course, except for special industries, the above are the most effective ways of online promotion. In addition, after we choose a suitable network promotion method, we must have a good network promotion implementation method. Only in this way can we really play its role.

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