What is the Internet of Things?

More and more everyday objects are beginning to use the Internet connect to the “cloud” side, thus forming the well-known “Internet of Things”, or “IoT”. “Internet of Things” is a network composed of everyday objects or machines, which can communicate with each other, collect and transmit data through the Internet.

From sports watches, Wi-Fi in cars, to home monitoring systems such as networked heating systems, it is estimated that 6.4 billion devices worldwide are connected to the Internet, which is much higher than the data of 3.2 billion connected users in 2015

However, the efficacy of these devices is not limited to keeping consumers comfortable and happy. The communication between these machines is also widely used in manufacturing and energy departments, responsible for tracking machine operation, reporting faults, and issuing service alerts.

For example, on the Support Your Marathoner event website of the well-known sports brand ASICS, as long as the company’s unique mark is detected on the athlete’s shoes, they will send an inspirational statement on the tracking screen.

The Internet of Things is developing rapidly. It is predicted that by 2020, the Internet of Things will cover 30 billion to 75 billion connected items, ranging from smart bracelets, toys, and photo frames to medical equipment, earthquake sensors, and airplanes.

What are the uses of the Internet of Things?

From computer hard drives to cars and airplanes, all devices with IoT capabilities can easily sense whether the device components are malfunctioning, or whether they are approaching their expected service life.

These devices will not only report the above information to the company through the CRM (customer relationship management) system, but also take various actions in time, including ordering replacement parts or applying for new equipment, and may even solve the problem before the consumer discovers the problem. The budding stage.

They will also send some important messages.

By using devices with Internet of Things technology, users can understand the baby’s breathing and heartbeat during a nap, the whereabouts of the lost key, or whether the user has forgotten to take the medicine that day

Why is everyone talking about the Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things is bound to revolutionize business, especially the relationship between enterprises and customers. This is because the Internet of Things has created a new communication channel.

Just like the Internet, it will also bring huge business opportunities to companies and help them unleash their full potential. Network giant Cisco predicts that in the next ten years, the Internet of Things will create opportunities worth up to 14.4 trillion US dollars for global companies and industries. More specifically, according to their prediction, the impact of the Internet of Things on the entire society will be 5-10 times that of the Internet.

What factors have promoted the development of the Internet of Things?

Simply put, for the development of the Internet of Things, all conditions are now ripe.

In the past five years or so, one of the biggest changes in the field of business technology has been the rise of smart phones, which completely got rid of the limitation of only accessing the Internet from the desktop of the computer. In the fourth quarter of 2015, approximately 403 million smartphones were sold globally, a year-on-year increase of 9.7% over 2014.

This has directly led to explosive growth in the usage of “cloud” and cloud applications such as CRM and email. The reason why these services can be accessed anytime and anywhere is ultimately thanks to mobile devices driven by the Internet. Now, corporate employees can access the company’s applications even when they are on the road, without being bound by the company’s network and geographic restrictions

The last key part is the widespread use of social networking technology and communication networks and communities to use these resources to receive information, cooperate with others, and ensure the correct direction of information.

Many platforms ensure that information from the Internet of Things is directly transmitted to CRM and other software systems by publishing and exposing application programming interfaces (APIs), so as to maximize their value. After that, users can use computers, smartphones or other mobile devices to access this information anytime, anywhere.

What is the significance of the Internet of Things to enterprises?

Not long ago, we also relied on face-to-face communication and telephone contact to build customer relationships. The entire communication process is lengthy and circuitous, going back and forth between manufacturers and customers and retail employees, sales representatives, maintenance and complaint departments.

But the Internet of Things has changed all of this. Customer-related information can be automatically sent to your CRM platform, and it is sent in real time.

This information includes:

  • How and why the customer purchased the product
  • With which equipment/services the product is used
  • Whether the purchased product is functioning normall 

In short, the Internet of Things will allow you to understand your customers in a whole new way, and the level of detail is unprecedented.

Direct information

The most important change is that you can collect and analyze these customer information in real time, without the need for manpower to collect and input information, and there is no limit on the amount of data.

In other words, you can design products and formulate marketing strategies based on more accurate and timely data. For example, if a new product does not perform as well as expected, you can decide how to respond in a more timely manner.

If the information is comprehensive and timely, whether it is to determine whether the product is fundamentally flawed, or whether you need to adjust the marketing activities, you will be much easier when making such decisions.

Build a social machine

Social media has become a widely accepted marketing and customer relationship tool. With the Internet of Things, products can generate automated posts, share content, and generate location information, build an online user community centered on your product, and then marketers can get practical feedback and identify trends.

The Internet of Things is developing rapidly and is all-encompassing. 56Tech has served hundreds of companies, large and small, and have received very good feedback. Friends who have questions about the Internet of Things or CRM development requirements are welcome to contact us. ☎️400 186 0061(China), or send an email to: lynn.li@dreamlot.com


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