What are the functions of the CRM system?

There are many CRM systems on the market, and each supplier may be different, but these functions are generally inseparable: marketing automation, customer management, sales management, customer service management, report analysis, etc.

Among them, the sales automation function can be said to be the core of every CRM system, because several other functions can be replaced by other tools.

For example, customer management, small companies can use excel to do; and customer service management and reports, you can also use other specialized tools to do. And only sales automation is the main customer pain point that the CRM system must solve

Let’s take a look at what functions does the CRM system have?

1. Marketing automation module of CRM system

The CRM system can help companies manage marketing activities such as email marketing, find and review clues, and then assign them to appropriate sales personnel. In this way, the marketing and sales team information can be synchronized and close collaboration can be achieved.

2. Customer management module of CRM system

In terms of customer information management, the CRM system can record basic customer information, emails, website chat information, quotation status, purchased products, purchase frequency, and so on.

The CRM system centrally stores and automatically integrates this information, which is far from being able to be done by excel spreadsheets.

3. Sales management module of CRM system

With the assistance of the CRM system, it is easy to check the progress of the list, sales flow, etc., which are being followed up by each salesperson. In addition, it will also automatically follow up certain sales tasks, such as person reminders, customer assignments, automatic batch emails, and important transaction reminders

4. Customer service management module of CRM system

The customer service module in the CRM system includes functions such as work order management, solutions, etc. It can set workflow rules, automatically assign and upgrade work orders, quickly respond to service requests from customers, and convert emails from customers to corresponding services. Work order.

5. Report analysis of CRM system

The CRM system can customize reports and statistical charts, and supports cross-linking of multiple modules, calculation operations, different types of layouts, and automatic generation of reports at regular intervals.

The general CRM system has functions such as marketing automation, customer management, sales management, customer service management, and report analysis. A good CRM system is particularly powerful in sales automation, which can greatly save sales time in the repetitive daily work of Faso, and focus more on sales and ordering.

Generally speaking, companies of all sizes recommend using CRM systems to manage customer relationships, which can make management more efficient and systematic. 56Tech has developed exclusive CRM systems for different types of enterprises, customer feedback is also very good! Customers in need are welcome to contact us, I believe our professional key account managers can help you. Call us for consultation: 400 186 0061(China), send an email to: lynn.li@dreamlot.com


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