Why is there such a big difference between each company’s quotation when developing an APP?

This question is often asked by friends. Why do the similar requirements of the same APP and mini program have, but the prices given by different development companies are very different, some quotations are $1000, some are $100,000?

I believe many friends will have some doubts, but the truth also very simple. This editor will explain to you the reasons for the gap today

1. Low price scam

The displayed case provided does not match the actual price. After signing the contract and paying, a relatively low-priced app is developed. In fact, it is a semi-finished product with imperfect functions and often bugs. Every time a feature is added in the later period, money will continue to be spent, and it is unknown how much money will be spent in the end.

There are even some mini programs that can be used for free, but those companies want get from you may be more than just money.

2. Excessive commitment

Many people believe that customizing apps is the same as buying carrots and cabbage in the market. Each e-commerce app is similar, just like the unit price of each carrot. When they don’t understand the specific needs, they start to ask the price. The development stage will inevitably Cutting corners is far from the expected effect, and the pressure on subsequent maintenance costs is not small. If the price is too low, then there must be a problem.

3. Fuzzy concept

For example, the APP login method, whether the enterprise needs one or four of (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and SMS) for authorization login, the price is four times the difference. This is just a microcosm. If similar situations increase by a few, then the cost gap will continue to widen.

4. Development method

Most of the cheap App are set of templates. Simply modify the APP templates that have been done before. The working hours are short and there is no technical difficulty.

Based on the above points, we suggest that when choosing an APP development team, you must pay attention to the following points:

Before a cooperation, you should learn a certain amount of knowledge in development and operation. You don’t need to be very proficient, but you need to know the value of the APP and know whether you are on the road of greed for small and cheap.

Be sure to choose a company with a large scale and rich experience and case studies, such as 56Tech, which can not only clear and optimize the process before development and production, but also use experience to minimize detours in the development process, and based on past customer conditions, New customers provide some constructive opinions on operations.

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