What are the post-maintenance after APP development?

There are many issues that need to be paid attention to in the early stage of APP development. The early stage of development is very important and is the basis for determining whether the APP is easy to use. However, post-maintenance after APP development is also very important. If an APP is not well maintained in the later period, it may prevent the APP from developing for a long time, and at the same time, it is not conducive to the development of the company and the improvement of performance. The following two categories are the main parts of our later maintenance:

Bug Maintenance

After a product is developed, it is only tested in the test environment, and after it is released to the official environment, because some unknowable issues such as the network environment and mobile phone compatibility are exposed, two more points need to be passed:

1. Formal environmental testing

Test in a formal environment, test in detail as much as possible, consider the user’s usage in different scenarios, and adjust in time if a bug is found. (This method is only suitable for the lack of test engineers in development companies, and companies with sufficient staff will generally build the same test environment as the formal environment)

2. Timely test and adjust the bugs reported by users

The users who can make suggestions for our products are loyal enough, because the average user may uninstall it, take the user’s feedback seriously, feedback the user’s processing progress in time, and maintain communication with the user

Product function iteration

In addition to dealing with product bugs, rapid product iteration can continue to strengthen product advantages and better serve users.

1. User experience adjustment

The importance of user experience is self-evident. Only by finding the function points that affect the user experience, optimizing and iterating, and creating a refreshing point for users, can we better retain users. By helping users find their needs, reducing user choices, and improving usage efficiency.

2. Operational needs

The operation will be specific to the usage scenario, and the functions designed at the beginning will be somewhat different or inconvenient to use. At this time, it is necessary to optimize the function points that can improve the operational efficiency. It is unrealistic to think about and improve the product from the beginning. After understanding this, it is the right way to continuously iterate the product through operations.

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