How to deliver App source code?

There are many kinds of source code for APP development. If the APP is developed natively, the code for Android and IOS is separate. For those APP codes with web pages, many people who don’t understand it are easy to confuse, so pay great attention to these details when the APP development source code is delivered.

Generally, after the completion of the customized project of APP outsourcing development, a series of results such as APP development source code, design source code draft, planning drawings, requirements documents, and product prototype drawings will be delivered.

App development source code is the core value of the company’s products. The source code is part of the product, so the source code must be delivered.

In general, the larger the product and the more service items, the greater the complexity and difficulty of the corresponding source code. In addition, each round of iterative update of the product, the invocation and assembly of services, and the interdependence of source code engineering must not only ensure the quality of source code delivery, but also ensure the efficiency of R&D!

How to deliver APP development source code?

Source code delivery is not simply a copy of the source code. The source code needs a version to manage the code efficiently.

First, unify the source code path:

1. Branch: Created by the archived trunk, the operator researches and develops the project to achieve new functional requirements.

2. Trunk: merge physical testing branches, the operator is quality control testing; used for environmental testing, functional testing, pre-release environment and production environment.

3. Label: After the pre-release environment acceptance is completed, release the production environment and archive the version, use the quality control test of the operator to record the stable version of the production environment, so as to facilitate the rollback of the main operation.

Second, the version number of the mapping service is submitted and recorded through the source code version of the APP development to ensure the consistency of the source code of different service versions.

1. Determine the baseline backbone: develop a stable version of the project demonstration feature.

2. The pull branch comes from the stable trunk and is used to implement new functions.

3. The merged backbone is merged by the test branch for the operation of functional testing, test environment, pre-release environment and production environment. The premise of merging trunks is to provide test mail. The test email should have the following six elements: version number, branch path, script path, project name, function boundary, and deployment manual.

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