Smart hardware APP solution

With the continuous advancement of technology, more and more smart technology products have come to us, such as smart watches, smart door locks, smart sweepers, etc. These technology products have indeed brought us great convenience, but only Hardware is not enough. To use these products requires the cooperation of software.


Smart hardware APP development is a hub between smart hardware and users. When a company develops a smart hardware, it needs to show its functions to the user through a mobile client. Such a mobile client is a smart hardware APP. There are following ways of software and hardware interaction: WIFI module, NFC, Bluetooth module, ultrasonic module, radio frequency module, infrared module.


In this era where data is king, whoever masters big data has the right to speak! Generally, smart hardware manufacturers want to take the data as their own, including statistics on device online status, device activity cycle statistics, client app usage analysis, geographical distribution statistics, etc., and use these big data to achieve refined operation of hardware products! So, where does this data come from? That’s right, it’s the smart hardware APP background! Many people are not clear or even ignore what functions the smart hardware app backend should have. In fact, the background development of smart hardware apps is of great significance to smart hardware products. For example: user management system, equipment management system, operation platform, data statistics and reports, BI analysis system, big data, etc.


Smart hardware can make people’s lives more convenient and healthier. for example:


The functions of the smart bracelet such as step counting, recording sleep status and incoming call reminders make people’s lives more convenient, especially the functions of the smart bracelet’s step counting ranking can inspire people to exercise, so that people’s bodies can be effectively exercised. Smart scales can track the user’s weight, and  also can test the user’s body fat percentage and body mass index, so that people have a clearer understanding of their physical condition. Smart hardware is not only just these two devices, but also includes smart TVs, smart cars, smart water cups, etc. These smart devices are affecting people’s lives


Development direction of smart hardware app


Sports: There are many types of sports products, such as smart watches, smart pedometers, smart sports machines, smart basketballs and other sports equipment. As long as you can think of sports-related products with hardware devices, you can use smart hardware apps. Realize your own needs.

Smart home products: Mainly home products used in daily life, such as smart toothbrushes, smart beds, smart washing machines, etc. These are smart hardware products, which can be used in conjunction with smart hardware apps to remotely control the switch with a mobile phone.

Automobiles: Smart products for automobiles, smart Bluetooth, smart lights, smart WIFI, etc. are more commonly used now.

Health category: Smart hardware products are also used in the health field. For example, air detectors are commonly used in this field.

Service industry: Catering call system, instant fast charging system, hotel monitoring system, access control system.

Traditional industrial production: Industrial equipment control, production environment monitoring, real-time data monitoring and transmission.


The impact of mobile smart hardware on life


Smart health: Make people’s lives healthier through the data recording of a series of smart hardware devices such as smart watches and smart air quality detectors;

Smart sports: Stimulate people’s motor nerves through smart bracelets, smart badminton monitors and other smart sports equipment, so that people can fall in love with sports;

Smart life: Through smart anti-lost devices, smart shoes and other devices, people no longer need to worry about missing items not being retrieved;

Smart home: Use smart toilets, smart sweeping robots and other smart home devices to better liberate people’s hands; Make people’s lives smarter through smart home appliances such as smart washing machines and smart refrigerators.


The functions that the smart hardware app backend should have:


1. User management: query, authorize, and count users who use smart hardware, including user name, mobile phone, email, gender, date of birth, device ID and other information;

2. Equipment management: Manage the equipment in use. Including equipment ID, equipment status, number of times of use, time of use, MAC address, equipment version number, storage time, out time and other information;

3. Use log management: Record similar logs for each use of the equipment, including date, start time, end time, duration, status, equipment records, etc.;

4. Opinions and feedback: query user feedback information submitted through the app;

5. Embedded advertising: In the era of Internet APP development, the value of advertising is still very large. You can embed 3-4 advertising pages on the APP homepage entry page to better promote APP products.

6. Push message management: maintain the messages pushed to the APP;

7. Usage statistics: Generally, statistics are made on the number and proportion of users, and the frequency and duration of equipment usage.

Create personalized smart hardware products with the help of smart hardware APP background;


Through the smart hardware app backend, merchants can monitor the operating status of equipment, deploy targeted after-sales maintenance services, and improve customer satisfaction;


Improve product performance and perfect product functions through remote feedback of information;


According to the use of equipment, develop derivative services, enhance user stickiness, and enhance brand influence. Through value-added mining in the background, it can also be used to serve users themselves.


For example, smart bracelets can analyze personal health and give some health advice; smart home products can analyze your home, diet, leisure, entertainment and other information… Based on these new data, smart hardware products can provide more Multiple intelligent services, enhance user experience, and truly realize “smart” life!


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