9 key points to determine how good a website is

According to a recent survey, most users, when browsing the website, the quality of the web design will affect their brand trust in the company. The visitor’s first experience of using the website is very important, also the message to him must be the most timely and correctly to establish trust immediately with visitors

1. Visitors must be retained at first sight
When a visitor clicks on a webpage, there is only a few seconds to decide whether to continue browsing. If the content displayed at this time cannot meet the visitor’s needs, it will be closed immediately. If most visitors do it, it also means these information is not what visitors need. Even if the web marketing strategy is good, it is just ineffective page views. Therefore, when building a website, mastering the most suitable web design style and marketing strategy on the market requires long-term market experience to execute.

2. The webpage movement must be simple and clear
The web design must follow a general principle as much as possible. You can find the information the visitor wants with three clicks. When the visitor can easily find the information or product he wants, he will have a sense of trust in the website and continue to browse other information. How to make it easier for visitors to use is the most important part of web design.

3. Navigation
The design of the “Navigation” of the web page will have a significant impact on the quality of the website. If the web page is arranged in a disorderly manner, the visitor will not know how to start using it, and will not continue if it is difficult to use. The layout method is concise and easy-to-understand will have the opposite result. “Navigation” is recommended to be designed in a concise and obvious way. In most cases, a straightforward way of expression will have a better user experience.

4. Establish a good website brand image
The brand that a visitor pays attention to is the website rather than the company manufacturing. Therefore, both small companies and large companies can create brands on an equal footing. The branding website is the face of the company. The web design highlights your corporate characteristics and allows users to impress deeply.

5. The relationship between the website and the brand
If the company has LOGO and brand VI, business materials, brochures, etc., these product identifications need to be properly displayed on the webpage, which will establish the association between the company brand and the website, it is also an important part of increasing the sense of trust.

6. The content and paragraphs clearly distinguish the advantages of the product
The purpose of building a website is nothing more than hoping that your products and services be accepted and purchased by people. If the content is rich, but lacks context and navigation, it will be abstract and make people unable to understand the content. Good web design methods can bring content. The most important information can be seen by users on the web page

7. Substantial, complete and original web content
A complete and content-rich web page is the favorite of most viewers. If you can find the information or products you need in one website, why not visit multiple websites to waste time, and the sharing of web content is very convenient. If you like the content of this webpage, you also want to recommend it to your friends to achieve the marketing effect of online sharing. If the content is an original article, it will be easier for search engines to increase points and achieve the effect of improving rankings.

8. Convenience and humanization of webpage management
Nowadays, most websites are dynamic web pages. The dynamics referred to here are not animation functions, but interactive management functions, such as the latest news, message boards, product launches, etc., allowing managers to log in to the management interface through the background management program to update and edit. This is very important, the convenience and practicality of the background can often help businesses save a lot of time in managing websites.

9. Search engine optimization and user experience
User experience is a part of search engine optimization SEO, which covers the overall web design. If a very important information, such as service information or preferential information placed in a corner of the web page and is not easy to see, Visitors may leave quickly because they can’t find the information they thought of, which will increase the bounce rate, and search engines will think that the website does not have relevant service information, and reduce the optimization score.

Finally, a good website can get good sales and revenue, but please don’t forget that the richness of content is the easiest way to attract consumers to stay, so you need to constantly update the website and provide the best and latest News.

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