How to promote the app?

When many companies ask someone to design their own apps, they ignore an important key-the method of marketing apps. Having the perfect APP program code, beautiful and practical app interface vision is great, but if the target customer does not know that your app exists, everything is in vain.

So how do you market your app?

In fact, you don’t need a huge budget, and you don’t need to buy ads on a large scale. Let 56Tech teach you how to win this app marketing war.

1. Develop an app that is “concise and user-friendly, without loopholes, and marketing feasibility”

The best way to promote an app is to create support users for your app.

So the first step to success is to design a unique app. Even if your theme and function are the same as other apps, you have to find a way to add elements that make it look special.

All in all, “the reason for the target customers to download” is the best weapon of the app.

In addition, you must go through a complete and detailed test and make sure that the products on the store have no errors. When the app is on the store, the first peak of downloading will begin. You can get good user reviews by catch consumers’ eyes is a clean, practical, and flawless product, . Having a good initial evaluation is a very important start for a new app.

So if your product is not good enough, please don’t waste money on marketing.

2. Make sure your app has great product descriptions

Open the Apple store and look at the product descriptions of different APP designs. You will find that many APPs have only two or three lines of unclear simple introductions, which cannot interpret the functions and charm of the APP. Even if you attach a screenshot, it doesn’t necessarily show the app’s functionality.

A good product description must list the key functions and features of the APP, and write the text content that will actually make consumers press the “download” button. The most basic method is to refer to the product descriptions of similar apps and observe how they make full use of the product descriptions for marketing.

However, engineers who can write perfect programs or business owners who are good at managing employees do not necessarily have good copywriting skills. If you do not have copywriting talents at hand, I suggest you seriously consider hiring advertising and planning copywriting to help you.

Another tip is to mention your competitors in the description, especially similar apps that already have popularity and downloads, for example: “This app has the functions of a XXX app, and we have strengthened… , The function is more complete and powerful”, this will make your app more easily searchable

3. Change the launch date of the app

The launch date of the app design is usually preset to the time you submit the app to the app store. But after passing the review, you can change the time to the date when it can actually be searched in the app store. The advantage is your app can be ranked in the “latest” list, which will also help download/sales.

Although this step can only be used for the “first time on app store”, it is definitely worth a try. The list of products on the homepage of the app store is an effective and free product advertisement

4. Provide a free trial version

If your app does not rely on in-app advertising or value-added payment models to make money, you can consider providing a lite or free version. Consumers can use these versions to enter the download page of the official paid version, and these trial versions must be enough features, but also have appropriate restrictions, consumers can understand what features they have to pay for, so that they can be willing to pay.

5. Get app user reviews

If your app can be listed on a well-known App evaluation website, not only will the download volume increase significantly, other related websites will follow up and introduce your app, and the marketing benefits will also increase.

However, do not pay large advertising costs for comments. Perhaps when you perform this step, you will find that there are many apps that introduce websites or magazines, which charge high fees. If a website cannot make money from its own articles, it means that the readers of the website are not enough, that is to say, paying them large sums of money is just a waste.

6. Don’t spend all your budget on “advertising”

As mentioned earlier, you don’t need to spend a large budget to implement app marketing. Sometimes advertising is a bit like gambling. The expenses spent on advertising may be several times the cost of the product. There is no other way to make a profit for promote an app, which is to make your app on the download list, “on the category” Downloading the ranking list is definitely the ultimate goal of any app marketing plan, and getting on the ranking list will bring more downloads, but if you want to achieve this goal through advertising execution alone, it can be said to be costly and there is no guarantee that it will success.

7. “Social platform” is very important

If you have a “good design” APP product, it has been perfected in terms of vision and function, and interacting with potential users is the only way to increase your user base. The easiest way is to start from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…but don’t ignore the power of “forums” and “postings.”

If you develop a recipe app related to special eating habits, you should post articles or messages in forums related to eating habits or food; if your app is related to language learning, maybe you can try related posts, etc. Professional community.

8. Exclusive and professionally designed official website

Doing a website does not need to spend a lot of money. Either yourself or entrust a professional website design company to make an official website that echoes the vision and promote the APP, but don’t make your website look like an unprofessional personal webpage. The quality of the website design will greatly affect the target customers’  impression. People will think of your app when they see your website, if your website looks patchy and disorganized, then consumers will think that your app is probably the same.

9. Make promotional videos

In addition to using social platforms, major video sites are already a marketing medium frequently used by app developers, and there are many excellent examples, not just because video sites can make it easier for you to show the steps and processes of app operation, an excellent Short videos, especially “viral videos”, will make your app famous.


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