Advantages and disadvantages of APP template

In the Internet industry, app development has become an indispensable marketing tool. Business owners in different industries will choose to connect their products with app. However, in the production of mobile Internet software, there are two modes: template development and customized development. The template app can be briefly described as: buy a ready-made shell and directly install your existing functions here. Today, let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages of template development.
1. Low price
The biggest advantage of using templates for app development is low cost, because the price of app development is charged according to different functions and sections, such as customized app development. However, template app is just the opposite. However, template app can meet the basic needs of enterprises, and the price is relatively cheap, the requirements for technicians are relatively low, and the development cycle is relatively short.
2. Short development cycle
App template development uses templates that already have basic functions, so the development process will be relatively simple and less human, material and capital will be invested. It only takes up to a week to get an app.

Advantages and disadvantages of APP template插图

1. No source code, low security
App template is a complete system developed by the software company, which can be purchased directly when the enterprise needs it. However, the template purchased by the enterprise has no source code. Once the development company has problems, the enterprise app cannot run. Moreover, this template is uniformly applied by everyone. Many underlying codes are open-source online, which is easy to leak and will also have an impact on the operation and use of app.
2. Limited function, poor experience
When developing templates, the development company cannot design the functions that the enterprise wants. They are templates made in advance and can be used directly by the enterprise when the enterprise needs them. Enterprises cannot develop and add new functions alone.
It is impossible to conduct detailed analysis and planning on the needs of enterprises. This will affect the user’s sense of experience to a certain extent. In particular, the app developed by the template will not be optimized according to the user’s sense of experience, so it will not be able to improve the user’s favor for the enterprise and retain customers for the enterprise.
3. Difficult to update and upgrade, poor expansibility
With the development of the enterprise’s own business needs, the app application will be updated and optimized accordingly, and the interface design will be replaced. However, enterprises that purchase template app software applications cannot update the software. Template development app applications cannot modify the template in the later stage. If enterprises want to update and upgrade, the only way is to re develop an app application. This not only wastes the enterprise’s time and budget, but also may miss the opportunity to occupy market share.
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