Why choose 56Tech


Honesty is our fundamental principle in dealing with people
Kindness is our inner choice when looking at everything in the world
Equality is how we face different attitudes
Fun is the joy and sorrow in our pursuit of purity

We love technology
We 100% execute, 0% reason
We constantly challenge ourselves to define excellence
We use the results to conclude the value of 56Tech’s existence


Launch Your Tech Dream


Tech without Coding


Our customers

56Tech, as a technology brand under LOT LIMITED, since the establishment of the team in 2013, we have become a technology support partner for many Fortune 500 companies and start-ups, become their solid foundation for technological transformation and creative launch. Focus on the development of small programs, apps, websites and other software; our team are professionals who have been in this field for several years; we are committed to bringing cost-effective and high-quality software project development to the majority of enterprises and companies.